Military Recruitment Report: Third Edition

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We’re proud to announce the third edition of our Military Recruitment Report, the only report of its kind in New England. This report is an analysis of public records requests in the 2016-2017 academic year to all the public high schools in Western Massachusetts. From this information, we are able to get a sense of the extent that the military has a presence in our public high schools, and the effort that schools make to reduce that presence.

Despite this being the third time we’ve published such a report, many schools still do not comply with our requests, or often ask for a prohibitive amount of compensation to gather this information. Even worse, a number of schools simply do not bother responding. Because we strongly believe that exposing and decreasing the influence of military recruiters upon our young children is something we should prioritize, The Resistance Center for Peace and Justice soon will be hiring another staff member to research and publish (and organize around) the next edition of our report.

We are developing a small toolkit to make it easier for parents, students, and conscientious community members to make a positive difference in their high schools. To receive that toolkit, and to get involved in The Resistance Center’s efforts to demilitarize our schools, contact us at (413) 584-8975 or email

Illustration by J. Andrew World.