Protest anti-immigrant sheriff appearing in Greenfield

Bristol County’s Sheriff Hodgson will appear in Greenfield this Thursday, October 24th, to speak against Greenfield’s Safe City Ordinance. Join us in peaceful protest at the John Zon Community Center in Greenfield at 6:30pm. Support humane immigration policy and combat hate and misinformation!

Bristol County’s Sheriff Thomas Hodgson is no friend to our migrant neighbors. An openly racist and xenophobic Trump supporter, Hodgson has praised the president for being a “friend of law enforcement.” Soon after Trump’s election, he created a partnership between his county and ICE, implying the rogue organization needed as much help as possible detaining potential criminals, gang members, and drug smugglers. “We’re in as dangerous a situation in Massachusetts as anywhere else,” Hodgson claimed. The sheriff never misses an opportunity to incite fear toward our migrant neighbors through misinformation

Hodgson has gone so far as to offer his inmates to the president in order to build “the wall” at our Southern border. Thinly veiled as a “jobs program,” Project N.I.C.E. is a disgusting ploy to have those incarcerated pay (that’s right–participation would cost $5 a day) to complete a xenophobic national project– a project that is “most likely unconstitutional,” representatives from the American Civil Liberties Union stated, comparing the proposal to “modern day slavery.” And it certainly is not out of character for Hodgson to make a profit off of those incarcerated. In 2010, inmates sued Hodgson for fees charged between 2002-2004; the case was resolved with inmates receiving $700,000 back.

Hodgson has also asserted that elected officials who support safe city legislation ought to be arrested. This egregious threat prevents officials from doing the job they swore to do: serve the people. On November 5th, Greenfield residents will be voting on a Safe City Ordinance for their community. The ordinance will limit collaboration between local officials and federal immigration enforcement and protect the civil rights of all residents, regardless of immigration status. When immigrants and their families can interact with police and other officials without fear, whole communities experience public safety benefits. The city council, having heard overwhelming support from constituents, passed (and passed, and passed) the Safe City ordinance this past summer. 

However, a small group of Greenfield residents opposed to the ordinance gathered enough signatures on a referendum petition to get the issue onto the ballot. Putting the civil rights of a minority to a popular vote often does not end well for marginalized groups. Now, this same group has invited Sheriff Hodgson is to appear in Greenfield Thursday, October 24 2019 to speak out against the Safe City Ordinance. On Thursday, people across the valley are coming together to show Sheriff Hodgson his lies will not be tolerated in Greenfield or in our valley. We need everyone to join us in peaceful protest Thursday, October 24th at 6:30pm outside the John Zon Community Center in Greenfield. 

RSVP on Facebook and check back for updates. Greenfield residents, please call Mayor Martin and ask him to cancel the event. Although this appears to be a legal use of the space, the city should not support such incendiary figures, and the event carries potentially high liability. 413-772-1560.