Protest of Sheriff Hodgson and Anti-immigrant Hate in Greenfield

Last Thursday, over a hundred Greenfield residents gathered by John Zon to protest the Greenfield Citizens Association’s event where Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson spoke against the Safe City ordinance in Greenfield. Sheriff Hodgson is an anti-immigrant extremist known for his plan to use prison labor to help build the wall on the US-Mexico border which has been condemned as “modern-day slave labor,” his role as a board member of notorious hate group FAIR, his lies and fear-mongering, and the multiple lawsuits brought against him for inhumane and illegal mistreatment of detainees. 

Protesters gathered to condemn Hodgson’s hateful, xenophobic rhetoric and to support immigrant rights and the Safe City ordinance, singing, cheering, and holding signs reading “Hate has no place here!” and urging Greenfield to “Vote Yes on 2.” Organizers of the Safe City campaign and officials involved in passing similar legislation in neighboring cities––like Springfield city councilor Adam Gomez––spoke on the importance of safe city policies and denounced anti-immigrant hate in Greenfield and beyond. Check out these articles from The Greenfield Recorder for more details on the protest and to read some of the claims made by Hodgson in his speech against the Greenfield Safe City ordinance.