Emily Lewis

Chair of the Board

Chair of the TRC board of directors, Emily Lewis is happy to have found a place in this crazy world to maybe make a difference. She's invigorated at the possibilities and proud to work with Jeff and everyone on the board. Emily is also business manager of the Holyoke Civic Symphony and resides in and volunteers at Treehouse Community - homes for families with adopted children as well as those in foster care- in Easthampton.

Bruce Hawkins


An activist and supporter of activists since the middle 1950's and in Northampton since 1961, Bruce (and his wife, Ruth Hawkins) have played a role in making Northampton as progressive as it is today. Bruce is a physicist with a sideline in computing, still active in research. His hobbies include hiking and landscape photography.

Avery Johnson


Gladys Franco

Board Member

Myra Lam

Board Member

Yoav Elani Elinevsky

Board Member

Yoav Elani Elinevsky is a native of Jerusalem. In graduate school at UNH, he was a student activist with a focus on Central America, and he established a CISPES chapter there in 1980. In 2002 he co-founded FFIPP, an international educational network of students and faculty for human rights in Palestine/Israel, with chapters in Europe, Brazil and the US. For over 25 years, Yoav was a professor of mathematics at Mt. Wachusett Community College and served as a department chair for many years. He is now retired and lives in Amherst, close to his children and grandchildren.

Suri Ramos

Board Member

Jeff Napolitano

Founder and Board Member

Jeff is the founder of The Resistance Center for Peace and Justice. He was previously the Program Coordinator for the Western Massachusetts program of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), and has over a decade of experience in political organizing and training. He is a graduate of UMass Amherst and lives in Northampton with his two children.