Nuclear Free Future Coalition calls for Korean peace and unification

In accordance with a public call from the Korean Public Service and Transport Workers’ Union (KPTU), the Nuclear and Carbon Free Future Coalition of Western Massachusetts (NCFF) joins a global desire for a “Peace Treaty Now!” to come out of the US-North Korea summit.

On June 9, a coalition of South Korean organizations will hold a candlelight rally at 7pm in Gwanghwanmun with the goal of putting out a people’s perspective on the US-North Korea summit and what it will really take to have peace in Korea and East Asia. From the KPTU:

While talks seem to be progressing between the Trump admin and the North Korean leadership, it is likely the Summit is going to be a show that supports the political interests of the governments involved, with many issues still left to be resolved after. Our perspective is that in order to have real denuclearization and peace in the region, the U.S. has to agree to a staged approach, to stop joint war games with South Korea, remove its nuclear threat against NK, and normalize diplomatic relations. The US and South Korea have to remove the THAAD system from Soseongri. We also have to work towards disarmament and the use of money being spent on war to meet human needs across the Korean Peninsula and in the U.S.