Film Series: Warning This Drug May Kill You, Oct 24

Join us on October 24, 6:30-8:30pm at Forbes Library, in Northampton.
Warning This Drug May Kill You is a film taking the most unflinching look at the devastating effects of opiod addiction in the U.S.A. It profiles four families who have seen their lives tragically changed by abuses involving their loved ones, whose addictions arose due to doctors’ prescriptions of dangerous painkillers. This film sheds light on the struggles of ordinary people whose lives turned on a dime after over-prescriptions of pain medication that are the gateway drugs to other highly addictive opiods. Using families’ home videos, the film is an eye-opening account of a terrifying epidemic America faces today and the toll taken on addicts and their families.

Post-film discussion leader: Dr. Andrew Larkin, Graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Medical School, former chair of the ethics committee at Cooley Dickinson Hospital, retired from primary care.

This event has been organized by the Resistance Film Series of the Northampton Committee to Stop the Wars. It is free and open to the public.