Safe Communities Victory in Conway!

Just this last month within the gymnasium of the Conway Grammar School, the Safe Communities Act was passed in a contested 104-71 vote! Taken straight from the bylaw,

“The citizens of Conway would like you to know that no matter where you’re from, if you are a resident, or visitor, or are just passing through town, you are welcome here.”

The bylaw will continue to enforce the country’s longstanding distinction between local law enforcement and immigration enforcement. Conway police shall not act as immigration officers and will not honor non-criminal, civil immigration detainer requests.

The fight isn’t over however, opponents to the Safe Communities Act such as Conway’s Selectman John O’Rourke have already called for its repeal. We need to continue the momentum and guarantee the most basic human rights for ALL people, regardless of actual or perceived immigration status.

Tomorrow, local organizers, activitsts, and allies will head over to the Boston State House to rally, urging Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives to include provisions on the final budget that would guarantee immigrants’ rights to due process.

The Pioneer Valley Worker Center will be facilitating carpooling for those interested in championing for immigrant rights. Sign up here if interested!