Help us save the Safe City ordinance in Greenfield

If you were at last month’s city council meeting, you know what a joy it was to witness the council pass the Safe City ordinance. Unfortunately, there is now the threat this Wednesday that the Safe City ordinance faces the threat of being overturned. 

Here’s the situation:

One of the opponents of the Safe City ordinance on the City Council has continued to misrepresent the ordinance, this time falsely claiming it would cause harm to the city. This false claim compelled another councilor (Councilor Verne Sund) to call for a reconsideration of the ordinance. As a result, the council will be voting for a second time on the ordinance on Wednesday, August 21st at 7pm at the Jon Zon Community Center.

Secondly, opponents of the ordinance have gathered enough signatures to put the ordinance on the ballot in November – those opponents believe that the voting residents of the city will reject these basic protections afforded both migrants in the city AND the city at large.

Finally, conservative library supporters have been calling Greenfield city councilors, asking them to vote no on the ordinance. Apparently, they fear that having this issue on the ballot could be bad for the library issue. (And don’t yet understand that turnout for the Safe City ordinance likely would increase supportive turnout for the library.)

Given all this, we need every single resident of Greenfield who supports our immigrant neighbors to make their voices heard, between now and up to and on WEDNESDAY. There are three steps we need you to take:

1. Call your Greenfield city councilors immediately. (Contact information for those councilors is below) Thank them for voting yes on the Safe City ordinance and ask them to please vote yes again on Wednesday.   

At the bottom of this email, you’ll find a phone script and the names/phone numbers/email addresses of your councilors. (If your precinct councilor is not on the list, it means they voted no, and you do not need to reach out to them.) 

2. Please, please, please show up at 6:30pm at the John Zon Community Center (35 Pleasant Street) on Wednesday (8/21). Please show up, and please invite your neighbors. We cannot let this fail. This is a moment in which your presence truly matters.

The meeting begins at 7, but we will gather at 6:30pm outside of the meeting to sing songs of solidarity – please join us!

3. Stay tuned for November. As long as the ordinance passes on Wednesday, you can look forward to being part of a very lively campaign to save our safe city in the coming months.

Thank you so much in advance for your time and energy.

Katherine Golub, Greenfield resident
Advisory Board member, The Resistance Center for Peace and Justice

Jeff Napolitano, Director of The Resistance Center for Peace and Justice 

City Councilor Script and Information

Hi Councilor ___,

My name is ____ and I’m a Greenfield resident. I’m calling to ask you to thank you for voting yes on the Safe City Ordinance and to please vote yes again on Wednesday, August 21. I fully support this ordinance, as it will protect the safety and dignity of all of Greenfield’s residents and affirm our city’s commitment to defending the civil rights of immigrant communities. Thank you!

City Councilors’ Contact Info

Verne Sund, Precinct 1
Phone: 413-325-6501

Mark Berson, Precinct 2
Phone: 413-522-4795

Timothy Dolan, Precinct 5

Sheila Gilmour, Precinct 6
Phone: 413-387-7454

Otis Wheeler, Precinct 7
Phone: 413-376-5501

Douglas Mayo, Precinct 8
Phone: 413-775-3878

Norman Hirschfeld, Precinct 9
Phone: 413-773-0201

Penny Ricketts, At Large, City Council Vice-President
Phone: 413-636-4915

Ashley Stempel, At Large
Phone: 413-522-3111