4th edition of Military Recruitment in Western Massachusetts High Schools available NOW!

We’re proud to publish our fourth edition of Military Recruitment in Western Massachusetts High Schools— the only report of its kind. This report is an analysis of the military documents kept by high schools in the 2017-2018 academic year. This is the most extensive report yet, speaking to several years of progress. While The Resistance Center received the best response from schools in our four years of compiling the report, our findings remained the same: military recruiters are active in our children’s schools and, more often than not, schools are not keeping records of recruiter involvement.

We believe military involvement with school children should be limited as much as possible. Exposing and decreasing the influence of military recruiters in our schools is paramount to the safety and privacy of students and families. We hope our research encourages school officials to keep better record of the military’s involvement with their students.

If you have questions about the report or would like to get involved in our “Stop Recruiting Kids” campaign, email contact@theresistancecenter.org.