International Day to Ban Nuclear Weapons with Mayor Narkewicz

Wednesday September 26th
International Day to Ban Nuclear Weapons with Mayor Narkewicz
5:30 Steps of City Hall

September 26th is the United Nation’s day to commemorate the first signing of the international Campaign to Ban Nuclear Weapons. Countries from around the world will sign on to the campaign at the United Nations. At the UN, countries will add their name to the petition.  When 50 countries have signed on, the Ban will have the force of international law.


The Resistance Center and are approaching businesses, faith communities, and politicians to support the ban on nuclear weapons. According to Don’t bank on the Bomb Florence Savings bank and Greenfield Savings Bank do not support the nuclear industry, but they have not yet declared so publicly. We believe that as people support the ban, the  local banks will take notice and sign on as well.

We invite you as citizens to come to the steps of city hall in Northampton to join Mayor Narkewicz in supporting the ban and receive a sticker for your car or home.

People have the power to change the world. Join us Wednesday to declare your public support.