Families Belong Together! Taking the Fight to the House

On Wednesday, June 21st, the Resistance Center joined a cohort of other Western Massachussetts and headed over to the Boston State House to lobby for the passage of the 4 provisions from the Safe Communities Act. We met with multiple representatives and urged them to include the 4 provisions that would guarantee the most basic rights for undocumented immigrants onto the final budget bill in the House of Representatives.

The 4 provisions would prohibit a police officer from asking someone about their immigration status unless required by law.

State and local police would not be allowed to act as federal immigration officers, putting an end to 287(g) contracts that deputize officers as ICE agents.

A law enforcement agency that has an immigrant in custody would be required to provide the immigrant or their attorney with a copy of any detainer request the agency has related to their immigration status.

Federal immigration officials could only interview someone in state custody with the person’s written consent. The immigrant would have the right to request an attorney at their own expense.

The state and its employees could not participate in any government registry or database that is based on religion, national origin, citizenship, race, ethnicity or other protected categories.

Afterwards we joined the Families Belong Together rally outside protesting the practice of separating families at the border. Hundreds of concerned citizens and constituents gathered at the steps to the Boston State House and demanded reform to President Trump’s cruel policies while the representatives were in session in the Chamber inside.

Hours later the President issued an Executive Order putting an end to the separation of families at the border. Time will tell how the administration handles the order but for today, we celebrate our victory.