Military Recruitment Report

Military Recruitment in Western Massachusetts High Schools

The Military Recruitment Report aims to make transparent the recruiting of students that goes on in high schools across Western Massachusetts. This is the third year we’ve published the report and the first year to have a toolkit companion. We hope the toolkit will inspire parents, students and community members to push for reform in the way our schools interact with the military.

Description of report

The Military Recruitment Report is a compilation of data collected from schools in Western Massachusetts. We reached out to 52 schools, but not all of them responded. In addition to the information from these schools, this report also includes an explanation of many of the risks associated with joining the military and responses from a survey given to students at two of the schools in the report.

<link to report>

Description of toolkit

This toolkit has a list of suggestions for how to get involved with ending recruitment about. Inside is information about:

  1. Opt-Out Forms for your or your child’s information not be release private information)
  2. Contacting your local school’s principal, school committee and PTO/PTA
  3. How students can get even more involved

<link to toolkit>