L3 Harris: Divest from War, Invest in Human Needs

Illustration by Grace Rountree, former TRC intern.

The Resistance Center’s Divest from War, Invest in Human Needs is laying the groundwork for an intersectional grassroots effort to pressure cities, towns, corporations, and elected officials to divest their money from war and invest in human needs. 60% of the U.S. discretionary budget is spent on the military, and those in favor of this budget are often opposed to plans like the Green New Deal and Medicare for All. We are spreading awareness about the massive military budget and advocating that this budget be cut to pay for the needs of our community: education, healthcare, affordable housing, and green jobs. 

We’re kicking off by taking a closer look at L3Harris: a weapon contractor in Northampton that is on track to become one of the top ten weapon contractors in the world. Under the guise of innovation, L3 Harris is creating weapons and surveillance technology used locally and globally to surveille and kill people. From Boston to Palestine, L3 Harris has its hands covered in blood. Through community events and nonviolent direct action, we can create a force for change that urges L3Harris and those invested in the company to re-evaluate their priorities and invest in community needs. 

Take action to demilitarize and divest!

  • A number of Massachusetts representatives have taken campaign contributions from L3Harris, including Senator Ed Markey, Representative Katherine Clark, and Representative Seth Moulton. Call and email these reps to demand they don’t take another dollar from the war machine!
  • Connect with UMass Amherst, Greenfield Community College, and other higher ed institutions hosting L3Harris at career fairs. Ask them to stop perpetuating war and violence by hosting weapon contractors.
  • Register below for our next webinar on L3Harris, where we will continue unpacking the atrocities of the war machine, and envisioning and creating the world we want to see.
  • Stay engaged! Email contact@theresistancecenter.org to plug into our demilitarization organizing.