The Inhumanity of Detaining Children


Listen to witness reports and analysis about detention centers in the USA from a panel of activists and experts at Edwards Church, in Northampton, 6:30 – 8pm. This is a free event. Everyone is welcome.

D. Dina Friedman is a long-time activist on peace, social justice, and environmental issues. She was the co-founder of the Save the Mountain campaign that saved Mt. Holyoke from 40 trophy homes. She is currently a regular contributor to Rogan’s List, a nationally distributed call-to-action website. She is also a widely published poet and the author of two young adult novels.

Shel Horowitz has been both an activist and a marketer for more than 40 years. As the owner of, he looks for the intersections of social change, environmental healing, and business success. His 10th book is Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World.

Shel Horowitz and D. Dina Friedman were part of a group visiting Homestead, Florida. This center has become the nation’s biggest location for detaining immigrant children. Dina and Shel are part of the group Western MA Jewish Activists for Immigration Justice.

Javier Luengo-Garrido is from the ACLU Immigrant Protection Project and visited facilities in Texas.

Dr. Laura Briggs, a professor from UMass Amherst, will provide historical context of child internments in the USA. Her forthcoming book is titled, Taking Children: An American History of Terror from Slavery to the Border.

Our moderator is Dr. Justine Dymond from Springfield College.
She is a writer and an activist.

Co-sponsored by Beit Ahavah, the Reform Synagogue of Greater Northampton & Edwards Church of Northampton and others yet to be announced.

#FreeOurFuture #TRC #CloseTheCamps